Dating flirting

These secrets to the male psychology and the behaviors I encourage women to engage in are just a few of the hundreds of techniques I teach for both men and women as a way of creating meaningful and lasting connections.

Each is significant and important to the deeper needs of both sexes.


Both men and women can use the ‘upside down triangle’ on someone they want to seduce.

When a man does something nice or meaningful (such as opening a door, offering to help her with something heavy, or expressing a compliment) and a woman in response, she makes him feel like a success and encourages him to sacrifice again.

All of these responses are flirting behaviors, but he doesn’t notice this.

Focus on these as important tools for making meaningful connections that will meet the deeper needs of the men in your life.

Enjoy experimenting with these behaviors until you discover your own style for making the connections and getting the dates you desire.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist and dating coach, I get a lot of questions from concerned family, friends, and colleges who are confused about why their fun and fabulous daughter, sister, or female neighbor isn’t dating. They don’t know how to make men feel great (or refuse to do so).


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