Dating for blind people

Most recreational sports, like bowling or mini-golfing, will be out of the question though your date may be a good swimmer and an avid jogger.

Likewise find out beforehand if the venue has facilities for the visually challenged like maybe brochures in Braille or a washroom which he/she can use independently.

It's distracting and it might even give me a headache if I have to stand too close to you. This goes for your breath and your skin, too — junk food smells gross when it's coming out off someone's breath or out of their pores, and kissing people with soda-mouth. User thrusdaxkeyhole interviewed his blond dad, and posted that, "Like everyone knows, smell is important — but it can also tell you a lot about a girl before she even speaks to you. And different body parts have different smells — from hair to face and beyond."5. Blind Pixie went on to write, "Are you a mouth breather or a nose breather? I'm more attracted to guys with steady, confident, vibrant voices.

Meekness, hesitance, and arrogance all come through in your tone and your choice of words.

User ktwounds, who is legally blind in the state of Texas (as he points out, the standards vary from state to state), notes that "voice and personality are the two major traits I 'look' for.

This may be a blunt way to put it but as far as figure is concerned — once you get to that point it's rather amazing to me that what feels the best to the touch (curves) isn't really what many find appealing to the eye.

Rather you should choose and wear perfumes which will appeal to your partner.

Come dressed in soft and smooth fabrics like velvet and good quality wool which you partner is likely to touch and feel nice about.


Also when planning dating activities, you have to keep in mind what your partner will and will not enjoy – like instead of going for a tour of your city museum or a classy art gallery, get tickets to a concert or a musical performance for your date.

You will either have to simply ignore such insensitive remarks or take your partner’s cue and deal with them as he/she does.

Be prepared to make adjustments However all the sensitivity in the world cannot make you wish away certain limitations that dating a blind person will involved.

So if you are thinking of asking someone nice who happens to be blind or are already dating a visually challenged person, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Learn to deal with others’ reactions At the very outset, learn to deal with negative reactions from some people around you.Here are the best things you can learn from them about love and beauty: 1.


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