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While there may have been some turbulence along the way, it would be fair to say that relations between France and the United States have been strong for centuries.

The fact that an estimated three-quarters of French view Americans favorably says everything you need to know about the relationship, while at the same time 82% of Americans think the same about France.

In 2008 the French reintegrated itself back with NATO – much to the approval of the U. Then, both countries were part of the coalition which intervened in Libya. in 2014 – which was the first time a French leader had visited the country in almost twenty years.


When de Gaulle lost power in 1969, relations between the countries started to improve again.

After the French were defeated in the latter, Great Britain opted to remove France from North America in 1763. severed diplomatic relations, but these only occurred when Germany started to take control of some parts of the country.

October 1778 was significant for France; this was the period in which the country put together treaties of commerce and alliance. However, in general the Americans were very much on the side of the French and this was emphasized in their resistance at preventing Hitler from destroying Paris – which was one of his key aims.

The fact that Sarkozy was so public in his love of America only accelerated matters, while he regularly made an effort to meet and improve relations with leaders.

From a military perspective, things have also improved.

The result was that they were bound to fight Britain until the United States became independent. were neutral to start with, in 1917 they came to the assistance of France in terms of finance, food and ammunition. The postwar period perhaps sums up the relationship between these two countries to a tee; it was fragmented. were favorable in terms of historic loans that had been struck between the countries. All that was required in return was a plan to recover and redevelop France again, something which was put into motion by Jean Monnet who was the negotiator for France.


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