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While 70pc of Brown Thomas's designer brands are sold on its website and it expects online revenue for the fiscal year ending this month to have surged by about 140pc last year, the retailer's e-commerce website only accounts for 3pc of the chain's sales.

This is primarily because its website acts like a virtual shop window for customers.

The revamp of the retailer's second floor comes on the heels of a €9.5m facelift of the accessories and beauty hall on the ground floor, a plan hatched during the depths of the recession in an effort to drive sales.



Yet, for a growing number of us, braving the rain and traffic to trudge round a suburban shopping centre or high street seems unnecessary in an era where you can browse for clothes on a smartphone from the comfort of our sofa over a glass of wine or shop online at our desk at lunchtime - and still look busy.But after nearly a year of mixing, baking and many a taste test (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!), we believe we’ve created the most delicious vegan pastry we’ve ever tried. So this January we’re welcoming Kevin, our first vegan pie, to the menu. PORTISHEAD REDCLIFFE BAY: Colin Howells (Liberal Democrats).

PORTISHEAD SOUTH AND NORTH WESTON: Jim Christopherson (Liberal Democrats).

On May 5, residents will be asked to vote for who they want to represent them on North Somerset Council and may also be asked to vote for who they want to sit on their local town or parish council.


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