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For example, it doesn't mention the Gibson Songmaker acoustic guitars that are made in St. Keep in mind also that they own several other brands and the factories that go with them.

It would be easy for them to ask to have a model manufactured someplace else if they wanted to.

Controls included one volume and two tones, with the big plastic knobs. The D-28E was essentially the same as the D-18E except for a rosewood body, gold-finished pickups and Grover Roto-matic tuners. These were the most common, with around 3,083 produced. These first Martins were fairly clumsy pilgrimages into electricity, but it’s important to know about them because they could easily be construed as having been modified by owners when, in fact, they are quite Kosher.

These pickups were the De Armond humbuckers with chrome sides and a black center in a trapezoidal hole, large pole pieces along one side and smaller poles along the other.

Electric Guitars built at the Gibson USA plant in Nashville are ranked from 500-999.

Prior to 1984, the numbers 001-499 show Kalamazoo production, 500-999 show Nashville production.

The serial numbers from the Custom, Art, and Historic division vary depending on the line.

The historic reissue guitars feature historically accurate serial numbers.If you have an authentic Gibson, you can find out more about it by looking at the serial number.


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