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El Tunco is generally safe and has a fun vibe, party vibe.It offers an offers more relaxed scene than the capital.Nevertheless, I recommend Pimsleur for learning Spanish. El Salvador International Airport is located close to the beach, 45 minutes outside the city.


The greater El Salvador area has a population of around 1.7 million people.However, English is increasingly due to the influence of the United States.Also, many people from El Salvador have immigrated to the U. and returned to their native home to start businesses.These headlines have kept this country relatively untouched for adventure travelers.

Most will venture to a safer, more “gringo safe” destination like Costa Rica and Panama within the region.Staying in a hotel ensures safety and proximity to malls such as Multicentro will be your main point for Daygame, nightlife and setting up dates. The women in El Salvador will not blow you away like other destinations reported on the Masculine traveler like Kiev, Moscow, or Colombia.


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