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Victoria has always kept her maiden name as a sign of her independence.

Victoria is the daughter of Nikki Reed and Victor Newman.

Later, Diego was robbed and sought revenge on his assailants. Frustrated with her family, Victoria decides to move to Europe and study Art.

She earns an undergraduate degree in Art history from the Guggenheim Program in Florence, Italy.

Neil proposed to Victoria, saying they could lead people to believe he was the father of her baby.

Cole learned of Victoria's pregnancy and believed he was the father. Cole said he intended to be a father to their baby, but added he was marrying Ashley. Victoria and Cole were devastated when their baby girl, Eve Nicole Howard, died shortly after her birth because of infection. Victoria then dated Gary Dawson, a shy man who turned out to be a stalker. She bought a wedding gown identical to Victoria's, locked Victoria in a closet, and went to the Church Of The Sacred Heart.

She develops feelings for him and they begin a relationship.

Victoria pursued a career in her father's company where Victoria fell in love with Ryan. When Victoria learned of this, she told Cole she was in love with him.

Victoria's return causes great tension with her brother Nick who feels threatened by her presence.

However they reconcile after the sudden and tragic death of Cassie Newman. She becomes pregnant with his child but has a miscarriage. Days later, a pregnant Victoria is in a coma after being hit by a falling piece of rock during the Clear Springs explosion. It is announced that JT is the father of Victoria's baby.

Victoria then found herself pregnant with Cole's child.

She arranged a meeting with Cole to tell him, but it didn't go well.This reality show ask the question - Is Love Blind?


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