Dating infidelity statistics

It’s clear that you’re not interested in anyone else, but you can’t help but wonder if your partner feels the same.Uncertainty is pretty much a given in a lot of new relationships, and unfortunately, dating after infidelity can amplify those concerns. For example, would they answer the phone in front of you?Do you have a pattern of your partners cheating on you?Do you tend to attract people who just can’t seem to stay faithful?Issues surrounding trust and insecurity may be the unconscious baggage that we bring into the new relationship. Though the pain and subsequent cynicism is more than natural, we have to remind ourselves that not everyone cheats.These issues may surface when dating after infidelity, so here are some useful strategies to help you manage them. There are people in the world who share your same definition of fidelity, and there are some who value loyalty over anything else.Regarding reality testing, this technique modifies a person’s thought by analyzing its probability.



Your partner doesn’t need to explicitly show you everything.It’s very possible to have a reserved partner who simply doesn’t like to share personal details, only time will tell.


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