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“My husband still eats meat and dairy, so we struggle to find meals that work for both of us, but he tried one and loved it — even gave me the green light to use it in dishes for him in place of meat.” The sausages come in three flavors — original, sweet Italian and hot Italian — all of which employees at both Philly locations report are selling out upon arrival within a single day.

With initial demand higher than expected, currently both stores are on a stocking hiatus as the Whole Foods’ regional warehouse awaits a new shipment.

Each also contains coconut oil, which recreates the appearance of fat globules when you cut into the center.


When raw, the links look strikingly similar to pork counterparts.

“We are thrilled customers are responding similarly to Beyond Sausage.


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    Peters then took screen shots of her computer screen, which she later rephotographed with a large format film camera.

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    Please press the Enter button below to begin your webcam fun.

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    This hook up app for friends (and friends of friends) is the equivalent of passing 'I Like You' notes in class.

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    Lots of individuals just hang up the phone because they're much too timid to say anything the first time they revel in phone sex. Merely chat with him just like you generally would and ease right into a far more passionate conversation by expressing something as common as "I would like it if you were laying near to me." Or perhaps elevate his sexual libido by simply reminding him of an amazingly scorching phone-fuck session you had in the past.

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