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And I think this can be especially prominent within the queer community., and the same goes for lesbian women with penises.It’s difficult because some queer people have built their sexual identities on these repulsions, but I don’t think they’re innate at all.I’m not going to tell you that you have to be attracted to this fat person, or that trans person, or that disabled person.But the more you work at unlearning your own prejudices, the more you’ll be able to see people from these groups as people rather than tired stereotypes.If you met someone who was extremely attractive, had a great personality, but didn’t have the genitals that you wanted, you might be surprised to find that it isn’t a dealbreaker.As someone who is trans and gay, sometimes people ask me, with a very accusatory tone, if I would date a girl with a penis.But that doesn’t reflect the reality that disabled people can be happy and have dating lives and be attractive.Now if you’re not attracted to someone, you’re not attracted to them.


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But the thing is, I absolutely could be attracted to a woman with a penis. Everything in the media you consume is bombarding you with messages that skinny is beautiful and fat is ugly, and even the nicest of people absorb these messages to some degree.But I think that people are more than their genitals.


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