Dating rca post war tubes

In this gallery, we celebrate the Depression Era home radio, the one device responsible for keeping the sanity of a nation through almost two decades of financial despair and world turmoil.

Philco Model 87 radio was an early set designed for exclusively 110 volt AC operation.

The onset of the Great Depression saw an end to many of the practices that individuals and families enjoyed in the prosperous 1920s.

Motion picture and supper club entertainment had became an unaffordable luxury for many.

If you would like to follow along with the restoration of the Model 87 as it went through the museum's restoration shop, we have provided some glimpses of the restoration processes that were employed.

Click HERE for an article and photos of the replacement of the set's capacitor bank.

Radio melted down the cultural divides between geographic locations, and carried desperate folks through the worst depression in the Nation's history followed by the great "War to End All Wars." In studying the history of civilization in the United States, the Railroads are generally credited with having shaped the American landscape, but it was Radio that brought America together and formed the cultural bonds between Americans from all walks of life.

Today, the Philco Model 70 has become an icon representing the depression era cathedral radio spirit of wireless collecting.

Cabinet restoration Click Here To see a short video of the completed set in operation, click here While Dr.


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