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To answer two questions I am sure people will ask, (1) I know the federal AWB expired and (2) I also know that you can get the date of mfg from Ruger with the serial number. I am trying to determine the approximate date of a Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle without using the serial number.

The problem is that the serial number was destroyed and the date of manufacture is otherwise relevant to a case I have. I can distinguish a "new" Mini 14 from the old design, but I do not know how to distinguish the different series before then.

I sure hope there's more to this than meets the eye.

We sorely need some good dedicated "gunlawyers" TD There were also subtle differences internally.

But I will tell you that I am defending someone who is charged with a criminal violation of a state "assault weapon" ban. But before we get to that point I need to get a good idea what the date of mfg was for my own purposes.

You are right to say that my guy would have some serious worries if we were relying on my examination to make the case, but you are also right to say that there is more to it. There are many things that can not be divulged during a case, and I hate to see folks run afoul of the law, but if someone committed an unlawful act with an illegal weapon it gives all of us a bad name.

The earlier minis have a spring loaded ejector in the bolt, and the leg configuration is different in a few model years.

I will update you all in a couple months when the case is over. The date of mfg of the rifle may be important to the case (depending on some other issues), and if so, I will call a Ruger expert.

I checked the serial number and it turns out it was reported stolen.

Think about what could have happened to her legally if she had it in her car on a traffic stop.

I'd like to caution you guys regarding "gunlawyer" since he has provided us with so little information.

First and foremost we have no idea who's side he is on.I was cleaning my mini the other day and noticed some other stamped marks on the reciever but I don't know what they mean if you don't have other series to compare them too.


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