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I liaised with the clinic to rearrange an appointment, and to get some sort of recompense for the time and travel costs we had wasted due to their cancellation.

The sonographer will measure the sac and look for signs of yolk sac and early embryo.A special date because it was both 30 weeks of the pregnancy as well as my 30th birthday. Baby Scan Clinic called to rearrange the day before.No big deal, it was the same day, so we'd just have to pad out some time in London from our pre-arranged travel time.Unfortunately this business does not care about it's customers, they care only about their revenue.


A shame, as I mentioned I'd be happy to leave an honest review either way.

There are plenty of companies out there on Harley street for the same price but without terms that aim to rip of the customer- so please look elsewhere!!!


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