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If we do not offer the currency in your chosen destination we recommend you load Sterling onto your card to avoid multiple exchange rates.

regardless of the currency you have loaded, the card will work around the world in locations that accept Master Card.

Approximately 4,000 of our branches will be able to sell you a card instantly, alternatively every branch can order you a card for home delivery.

A cash withdrawal fee will be charged when withdrawing cash from a UK Post Office branch or from any ATM.

Your Travel Money Card works in the same way as your normal debit card.

It can be used in retailers who accept Master Card as well as at ATMs and online.

Post Office Travel Money Card is available in 13 different currencies, all of which can be loaded on one card.


If available, you should load the currency of the country you are travelling to.If you bought your card online or have registered your branch card online, your access code would have been created by you at the time of online registration.


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