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"Both weddings have caused surprise within Tongan circles considering the protocol and how they bypassed strict rules that control royal families and who they can marry," the website said."Traditionally, it was not normal for a high ranking royal woman to marry a commoner or a much lower ranking chief." A Tongan political scientist, Dr Malakai Koloamatangi, from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, said the practice of royals marrying each other was designed to "keep the blood undiluted as much as possible".Luxury cars lined the streets surrounding the houses during what appeared to be a low-key event.A photo of the happy couple smiling adoringly was released by Salim Mehajer's sister Kat Sakalaki, as the newlyweds were seen signing their marriage certificate."Things have changed More and more these family members are getting away with things.More and more the wider family is marrying commoners.


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He said previous monarchs had cancelled marriages to commoners but such annulments were unlikely for royals who were not high in the line of succession.


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