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Perkin, this is the 1812-1813 model, that has no fuller, and a heavily clipped point. STARR and the 34 inch blade has a clean edge and has been kept well oiled to prevent pitting.The scabbard is 100% complete with a few minor inconsequential dings and has the original japanned black. The grips do show signs of age, the leather cover is a little section missing, overall in great condition for a 200 year old sword SOLD D107 SHENDOROAH VALLEY , VIRGINIA PAINTED POPLAR AND YELLOW PINE CLOSET / PIE SAFE, the top comprising an overhanging board cornice with applied cove molding above two hinged doors, each set with three hand-punched tin panels on the side of the Pie safe is six half tins, small hand punched tins, over a single panel, it Pie Safe rest on turned feet Circa 1831.Original green paint, the legs of the table is mortised through top, the stretchers are mortised into the legs, the top is one board with a applied molding seeds was placed on the table to dry Sold!RM733 Early drake Canvasback by George Washington "Wash" Barnes (1861-1915), Carpenter's Point, Maryland. Very nice attitude on this early historic Canvasback from Upper Chesapeake Bay.Four deeply turned posts having cannon ball finials; with a raised panel head board original rails retaining the rope pegs; hand-forged steel bolts.D214 Late 20 th century Rare full size Swan Decoy , Virginia.



single panel on each side, with two chenfered panels in the back .Y132 Late 19th century Gathering Basket with the original green paint,with double wrapped rim, and a steamed and bent and notched handle, beautiful dry paint, One small break in bottom, very well made, heavy and tight woven.


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