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In any event, the situation seems to be getting worse.

These days, Vancouverites are not only dealing with our special needs status in the dating world, but also navigating the global epidemic of ghosting, trolling and pictures of male genitalia that have become standard conduct in the era of online dating.


Most dudes are either ignored or met with the kind of alarm normally reserved for a serial killer when they try to strike up innocent conversation (although I suspect that has something to do with the frequency with which women encounter not-so-innocent approaches from men).

Fiona is grateful for the community of teachers at AYV that support her practice and keep her teachings fresh and innovative.

But there is one Vancouver rap that seems to hold true: We are universally, inexplicably inept at dating.

The night of true and darkly funny stories named for the ubiquitous dating app originated in Toronto but immediately found a following in our romance-challenged city.


Rawsome’s first event in June sold out so fast she had to find a bigger venue.Like we’re all broke, so wining and dining and guys paying for girls in this city is kind of a wash.” Not that it’s always up to men to pay for women, but the awkwardness of having to split hairs over the bill definitely does kill the mood.


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