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What is text-to-911 and why would I want to use it?It is the ability to send a "short message" (SMS) or other kind of text message to with you.” It’s the one sentence that has ended more marriages than any other – this declaration that what was once a juicy plum of a relationship had withered on the vine.Sometimes the person being told knew it without knowing; had been aware for some time that there wasn’t much flash in the eye anymore.After a rough breakup last January, I was sad and single in the Big Apple.Apparently, I wasn’t alone in my Valentine’s Day depression-induced hunt for Prince Charming.The wackier the prop – the greater the possibilities.


The player must answer the reporter’s pointed questions until he/she figures out who they are and what they did!

The dialogue should propel the action forward and ultimately conclude by the last letter.

For an added variation – try doing it within a time limit!

When playing with 2 people – 1 is the reporter and the other the special guest.

People are exposed to at least one match per day, but can only contact their matches if they "Like" them and their matches "Like" them back.

This game requires players to think outside of the box and get creative!


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