Diablo 3 setup stuck at updating setup files Desi sex chat no credit card required

Always suck if you can't play after buying a game... I've installed everything correctly (with the online installer) , but can't login to the game (error #3007). I'm using an older Play On Linux version: 4.0.14, which comes with Ubuntu 2. (BTW Diablo 2 / D2 LOD from cd didnt work for me in POL, i just used the newest Wine, and it installed without any problems...)Hi.


That litle window showing loging progress isn't popping up either. Thank you guys so much for making this wonderful software : D There is only one small issue on my machine : the Blizzard installer completes and lets me play, but the Play On Linux wizard stays stuck on "Waiting for Diablo III to be installed". With best regards Patrik System: Ubuntu 12.04 Radeon HD 6770 installed Catalyst 12.04 from AMD site. Last lines of log: fixme:process: Get Logical Processor Information (0x233e39c,0x233e99c): stub fixme:process: Get Logical Processor Information (0x233e39c,0x233e99c): stub fixme:wininet: Commit Url Cache Entry Internal entry already in cache - don't know what to do!Hi, installation worked just fine (Ubuntu 12.04) But the game only started in windowed mode and I only could activate full screen after I disabled my second monitor (Twin View).Now everytime I start up the game i get a "Click to retry creating D3D device.I think there is some problem with the Battle Tag system that dont allow us to conect and affter some minutes the cliente shows connection lost.

If is realy it, i dont think that there are more things to do than wait blizz solve the problem.Ubuntu 12.04 Kernel 3.2.0-24-generic-pae I used the echo 0|sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope fix and my system locks up upon trying to login just like patriks mentioned above.



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