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The same stuff she said when she was married to Pitt. Her embarrasing divorce reminds them of their own cheating companions, or lack of any companion. Jolie as the winner, even tho her morals are questionable. That is why she didn't come off as "a huge bitch" after the marriage ended with Pitt. She does things in a passive aggressive way, using surrogates like Chelsea Handler to attack Angelina, rather than being honest about her feelings and fighting her own battles. I thought the tit for tat PR war that Aniston had (and has? If Jolie had a magazine cover, two seconds later so did Aniston.

She can stand back and say she never said a bad word about her. She wants to be seen as the bigger person but she just looks like a coward to me. They are just kind of tired of her and her constant self promotion. If Aniston had some do-gooder publicity, two seconds later so did Pitt-Jolie. There was an interview she gave a few years ago where she said she wasn't a victim, she's moved on from Brad, she wishes the press would move on too, etc. Give me Tilda Swinton, Wendy Davis, Janelle Monae, Kim Deal, Hillary Clinton, Jeanette Winterson, or any of the other countless amazing women in the world.


None of her films are box office successes and yet she remains firmly entrenched on the Hollywood A List. I agree with everything the posters here have written with the exception that she is funny or her movies are funny. Angelina has done rolls like George Wallace's wife, Gia, Danny Pearl's wife, and films like " The Good Shepherd", "A Mighty Heart", & "Changeling". I dislike her because I've never bought the meme that Angelina Jolie is some evil homewrecker who destroyed a happy marriage.It's not anything new or unusual, but it's fun watching people try to justify resentment and envy. However, along with Winfrey and Stewart, I admire and respect her as a woman who has created a successful career. told her it would be a mistake to marry a hopped up on drugs Dennis Quaid. Or that I give a monkey's ass what she puts on her face cause it sure ain't Aveeno products.Bitch held a juvenile, Meg Ryanish grudge against her mother for the longest time. If they think that looking at that puffy, pasty, non-descript mess of human flesh is going to convince me to buy their products, then they are as delusional as she is.And remember how everyone predicted a Kidman post-Cruise career resurgence for her? Kidman, whatever her faults, always takes on challenging roles, whereas Aniston did RUMOR HAS IT and DERAILED, which I guess was a departure because Aniston was kind of evil. Whenever she 'stretches', it usually means she's downplaying her hair like in THE GOOD GIRL and HORRIBLE BOSSES. She's not annoying like most actresses, and can be quite droll. She's a sort of beige-celeb-blob-girl who had a much-imitated haircut, a famous husband and a cheesy sit-com. And didnt Pitt say almost the same, in his most recent interview ? Something to the effect of being stoned all the time, and self involved'. Aniston, despite her bland persona, or, because of it, surpasses every other Hollywood star at this skill.

I doubt she gets lots of offers for "something different", unless she wants to take roles in SAG Ultra Low-Budget films, which I imagine she does not. There just isn't any "there there."A more sensible request would be asking people to explain the Aniston love, but you wouldn't find many answers for that here. Seems like he matured, and grew as a person - she hasn't. I happened to be watching Letterman a few years ago when Aniston was on. That's why, while cranking out schlock, she's A List.Perhaps I wouldn't be so harsh with my criticism if she wasn't smiling in that commercial with an air of smug condescension that is usually associated with The Queen of Blooming England, and delivering her lines with less conviction than her barely there acting ability can compensate for. I think she could've been huge bitch, but she just commented saying that what Brad did was "uncool".



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    March 2010: Finally, at the movie's premiere, Miley and Liam confirm they're dating and walk their first joint red carpet. Miley and Liam walk the carpet together at CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute in L. March 2012: Miley is spotted wearing a stunning topaz ring on finger. Miley fires back, telling him she's "never been with Ed W in my life" and calling him out on his hypocrisy and "promise to spread love not lies." She later tells E!

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