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Wayne Blair and Jessica Sharzer's remake attempts to be all things to all people, and ends up being nothing to anybody.

The 2017 made-for-TV Dirty Dancing manages to be both a grim, workmanlike re-creation of the original – some scenes are rehashed shot for shot – and also a vast extrapolation that bloats the original's runtime by more than an hour.

" at our TV screens while clutching our VHS copy of the original to our hearts.1. The Dirty Dancing Isn't Dirty The moment when the original Dirty Dancing blows wide open is when buttoned-up Baby finds herself inside a packed, sweaty staff party where Kellerman's working classers are grinding against each other with impunity.

The Framing Story Confusingly enough, the Catskills-set tale begins with a helicopter shot of…the Manhattan skyline? In the remake, she encounters a largely empty room in which clean-cut choristers perform obviously choreographed dance moves with all the sexual charge of a church social.

Their musical output may have slowed from the mid-1960s, but their creativity was as strong as ever.


They turned away from the elaborate excesses of Sgt Pepper, recording instead a simple collection of 30 songs under an even simpler name: The Beatles.It's also a musical (but only sorta), a melodrama about the decay of marriages, and a clumsy (if well-meaning) treatise on issues ranging from feminism to institutionalized racism.



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