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Videos published by the terrorist group Mujahedin-e Khalq [MEK], 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, also show mostly small protests despite the MEK's claim of Tens of thousands of people chant “death to dictator".The MEK, or its "civilian" organization National Council of Resistance of Iran , seem to be most involved in the current protests.The White House and the Netanyahoo regime agreed on a strategy towards Iran.Major members of the Trump administration are in favor of "regime change" by "pro-democracy forces" in Iran.Would be sign of regime fear of today’s protests spreading. He was involved in the Ukraine coup and tried to personally profit from it.A search in various languages finds exactly zero such "reports". He was recruited in 1973 as a CIA informant and has since grown into a full blown U. The only response to Bildt's tweet was from one Riyad Swed‏ - @Swed Riyad who posted several videos of protests with one of them showing burning police cars. The account has some unusual attributes (active since September 2016, 655 tweets but only 32 followers? Just yesterday one lecture at the CCC "hacker" congress was about the British GHCQ Secret Service and its sock-puppet accounts on Twitter and Facebook.Protests against the (neo-)liberal economic policies of the Rohani government in Iran are justified.


They are probably the first stage of a large "regime change" operation run by the U. and Israel with the help of Iranian terrorist group. We reached at understandings regarding the strategy and the policy needed to counter Iran.

Its website is currently filled with the protest issue with a total of ten reports and its head figure issued a supportive statement: Mrs.

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, saluted the heroic people of Kermanshah and other cities who rose up today chanting “death or freedom”, “death to Rouhani”, “death to the dictator”, and “political prisoners must be freed”, and protested against high prices, poverty and corruption.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo also favored such an approach during his time in Congress.


The MEK/NCRI noted that Senator Tom Cotton, who will likely replace CIA chief Pompeo when Pompeo moves to the State Department, issued a supportive statement for the protests.My hunch is that the usual suspects are behind these protests.


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