Error updating the administration application pool credentials


Only administrator users require secondary credentials. With the command, you configure secondary credentials on a per-user basis.You cannot configure globally specified secondary credentials.My current theory is that L402 is what's failing but I'll need some logs to confirm.As a troubleshooting step (which I do not recommend doing this in production or with passwords that you care about) you could add Write-Verbose "[Password] $clear Text Password" and Write-Verbose "[App Config] $app Pool.process Model.password" after line 402.On a test node i have it seems to work perfectly....of! Did you know about exhausting the Max Envelope Size? If you grab the MOF from the pull server, rename it to the destination servers name, and run it on the destination server: Start-DSCConfiguration -Path -wait -force -verbose You can see if you are hitting the Max Envelope Size KB limit.I was hitting that 1st, but now it does not show any error of value.(That I can tell) I am opening a ticket with MS to find a solution. My assumption is that you are running a pull configuration as well.In many cases, I have 10 plus application pools on servers that experience this, but only a small handful of the application pools will experience this issue on the same server.It has been debilitating enough that we have had to stop the consistency scheduled tasks.



you have to get them to escalate to the right group.

On a test node i have it seems to work perfectly....of!


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