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This role can only be assigned to a member by the CEO.

As well as the permissions granted by all other roles, the Director role includes some permissions which cannot be acquired via other roles, such as the ability to edit the corporation details, to view corporation shareholders, and the authority to kick members from the corporation.

What is the lowest possible transaction tax that you can get to in an npc station, and what do you need to do to get to that lowest point?


Broker's fees apply whenever you create a non-immediate sell or buy order.The fees show up in the wallet journal as "Brokers Fee" and "Transaction Tax".So the typical station trader with zero standings will pay 2.454% of the order price as taxes, 2% at max skills.They may also lay claim to entire systems in the name of their alliance.


Taxes collected by a corporation can be used by the Director or CEO to replace ships or purchase equipment for its members.

Joining or starting a corporation also guarantees a group of people to fly with in combat or in peace, offering support for each member.



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    Drop down menus now have type ahead and track items recently used.

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