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They can then associate the Facebook login with their account on your site.A related enhancement to the Web Pages membership features is that users can associate multiple logins (including logins from social networking sites) with a single account on your website.You can customize a site based on the Personal Site template by doing the following: To access the Personal Site template, choose Templates on the Web Matrix Quick Start screen. If you want to perform validation only on particular pages, you can use the assets manager to register the scripts on only those pages.In the Templates dialog box, choose the Personal Site template. To do this, call Here is the page when a user submits valid input: Here is the page when a user submits it with a required field left empty: Here is the page when a user submits it with something other than an integer in the Credits field: For more information, see the following blog posts: The assets manager is a new feature that you can use in server code to register and render client scripts.You can register a script with the assets manager by doing this: in a browser when you hold the mouse pointer over the note: Web Pages 2 provides enhanced options for membership and authentication.The main enhancement is that there are new OAuth and Open ID providers.



For example, to log in using a Facebook account, users can just choose a Facebook icon, which redirects them to the Facebook login page where they enter their user information.This image shows the Login page from the Starter Site template, where a user can choose a Facebook, Twitter, or Windows Live icon to enable logging in with an external account: You can enable OAuth and Open ID membership using just a few lines of code.


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