Fireman dating service

In 2003 Montenegro Lines acquired a second passenger ship in the shape of the Sveti Stefan II, originally the third Prinz Hamlet and latterly Polferries’ Nieborow.A shorter derivation of the KEH design that had produced the Gustav Vasa (later Norrona) and Nils Dacke (Quiberon), the ship was deployed primarily on the longer crossing from Bar to Ancona.


The Sveti Stefan II was retained and the smaller Sveti Stefan was sold for scrap.

I first travelled on the ship as part of a three-day visit to Montenegro in the summer of 2003.

The Adriatic ferry scene has changed much in those ten years and most of the old ships we encountered on that trip have succumbed to the breakers.

Ummm a little about me to get the ball rolling i Hi my name is Sheila.


As one of the most heroic professions out there, it should come as no shock that firefighters remain one of the most desirable groups of uniformed professionals around.There she would begin over a decade of service to the islands, running as second ship to the Rozel (ex-St Edmund) between 19 and the Beauport (ex-Prince of Fundy, Reine Mathilde) from 1992 to 1993.


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