Found my teacher on a dating site


The skilled “player” uses very subtle flirtations – first dipping his toes into your pool and checking to see if the water is warm. A former Managing Editor of Make Use Of, he's spoken at national conferences on Data Visualization and has been featured on national TV and radio.Stories of teachers (including substitute teachers) having sex with students are a dime a dozen. In a tweet on Thursday, @lowkeylean posted a photo of his teacher Margaret’s Tinder bio (in case you were wondering, she’s a 36-year-old mother of two who’s also a fan of ).He’ll text you a sweet “good night” message just before you go to sleep – so he’s the last thing you think about. He claims he’s a repelling expert, with hair-raising stories to boot.



In the same tweet was another photo of him messaging Margaret on Tinder, reminding her: “Hey I’m in your Wednesday lecture lol.” Once she acknowledged she knew who he was, he went for the kill, writing “I’ll d**k you down for an A in class,” followed by the eggplant emoji. After it looked like Margaret was about to curve him, or even worse call his parents or something, she answered.

In a follow up tweet, @lowkeylean wrote, “I legit deleted my account for good” with a screenshot of the updated conversation.


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