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Some tie off one or both vas ends using permanent or absorbable sutures or the small clips used to stop bleeding blood vessels during other types of surgical procedures; others cauterize the ends so that they will seal by scarring.Still others simply place the divided ends out of alignment, by closing the vas sheath between the 2 ends with a suture or tiny clip so the ends won't grow back together.Top of page The portions of the vas tubes within the pelvis still contain live sperm until they are all released.About 98% of men are sperm-free after 20 ejaculations and 12 weeks.The objective is to prevent sperm from entering the semen, 95% of which is support fluid made by glands called the prostate and seminal vesicles, located in the pelvis behind and beneath the bladder (anatomy diagrams). From each testis, sperm move through a long curled-up tube behind the testis (the epididymis) wherein they become mature.From there, they swim up a foot-long tube (the vas) which guides them up to the channel (urethra) through which men urinate and ejaculate.There are no proven long-term health risks (neither cancer nor cardiovascular disease) associated with vasectomy, but since questions have been raised, they are addressed in our page of Frequently Asked Questions.The risks of NOT having a vasectomy are all borne by the partners of men who choose to avoid vasectomy. - Since reversal attempts often do not lead to pregnancy, vasectomy should be considered an irreversible form of contraception.

: Whichever technique of accessing the vas tubes is used, each vas (left & right) is divided about one inch above each testis, where it is just beneath the thin scrotal skin and very easy to reach.Some consider sperm granulomas beneficial, as they may increase the likelihood of success with vasectomy reversal.


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