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When waiting for the northbound sleeper train in Vienna, if you have booked a sleeper you can use the first class BB Lounge with complimentary drinks.

More pictures, video guide & information about this Nightjet train.

As this method involves two websites, do a dry run on both sites to check prices and availability before booking for real.

Before starting to book, I recommend noting down each specific train you want to book using the train times recommended above, and the date of departure.

On leaving Strasbourg, look out for Strasbourg cathedral on the left with its famously missing second tower.From Brussels to Cologne by Thalys: Thalys trains have 1st & 2nd class and a cafe-bar, all seats have power sockets and there's free Wi Fi. See the Thalys page for more photos & information about Thalys From Cologne to Vienna by Austrian Railways Nightjet train....


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