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Lumb Falls near Hebden Bridge For those who prefer their swimming that little bit wilder, a perfect picnic slash dipping spot is Lumb Falls. This retro-feeling lido is a great option for swimmers, but it does get extremely packed at the merest hint of sun.

Jump in, cool off and have fun clambering up and down the very steep rock walls that lead down into this circular pool from the surrounding hills. Other places for an outdoor dip include Manley Mere, near Delamere. Plus it’s quite a long commute: the train takes around an hour on the Sheffield line; driving is similar, if not longer.

Tel: 01, times vary, FREE, Boyce | Manchester Art Gallery Sonia Boyce’s first retrospective opens at Manchester Art Gallery at the end of March.

Exploring her work from the mid 1990s onwards, the exhibition includes both her earlier solo projects and later collaborative pieces, as well as a newly commissioned collaborative live work for the exhibition.

Members get heavily discounted session entry (around £3 saving per session) so check our the website if you are into your outdoor action.

Dock 9, Media City, Salford Quays M50 3AZ, Wed 5.30pm - 8pm, Sat 8am - 11am, £8 drop in,

Ilkley Lido (pictured) This sky-blue complex, one of the few working lidos within easy reach of Manchester, is open 10am until 5.30pm at weekends for public swimming from May 2018.

What's more, it's less than an hour from Manchester - you can drive or take the train; it's just a short walk from Ilkley station.


Fri 23 Mar - Sun , Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3JL.

Painted as postcard sized, they show the unfinished and neglected construction sites of Lahore, and are an interesting subversion of a typical ‘postcard moment’, and insight into the ‘real’ Lahore.


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