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System Status gives you access to the Whats App Twitter feed, so if you're ever having a problem with the application you can go here first to troubleshoot.

Usage lets you know how many kilobytes of data you've used so you don't eat up too much of your data plan. This will launch a menu that includes all of your chatting options, including "Take a Photo or Video" and "Choose Existing".

You can reset this counter manually based on your phone's billing cycle to make sure you're up to date. Then, choose the contact you'd like to start chatting with. If you want to send a new video to your friend, choose "Take a Photo or Video".

Whats App will launch your phone's camera, and you can take a video just like you normally would.

Whats App does a great job of integrating its layout with your phone's operating system.

Along the bottom you'll see the main menu items, including Favorites, Status, Contacts, Chats, and Settings.


I recommend doing this so Whats App keeps you informed just like your regular texting service does. This will let you send messages to everyone you know directly through the Whats App interface.

The Favorites section will automatically show all of your contacts that also use Whats App.

If your contacts don't load right away, try closing and re-launching the application. The Status section lets you create a custom message to let your friends know whether you're available to chat, and the chat section is where you'll go to start a new conversation with one of your Whats App contacts.

Whats App wants to provide you with an alternative way to send text and multimedia messages, for free.

Once you download the app, you can send text, picture and video messages for free to anyone in any country.It doesn't matter what preferences you have when it comes to cam girls.


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