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In nine paragraphs you go on and on and on about what a miserable person you are and how much contempt you have for anyone who doesn’t share your moral superiority, which I can assure you does little to endear you to potential friends (platonic or otherwise).But even if you had friends — even if you hooked up with someone at your convention to momentarily ease the crippling loneliness you live beneath, you’d never stop feeling lonely. Because no relationship — sexual, romantic, platonic — will relieve your loneliness, even momentarily, because it’s not so much a lack of company making you feel lonely, it’s your company.I just want to be with someone who wants to be with me, even if it’s for a little while. Or should I stick to my morals and resign myself to spinsterhood and eventual frigidity? I’ve known plenty of women who weigh more than that and are gorgeous), and whatever else you think makes you unattractive.And I’m hoping that, since it’s in another state, I might never have to see the person again so I don’t have to feel so guilty, or have the people from my home state judge me. Forget what you look like and think about what you SOUND like.


The trouble is I tend not to respect people who pick up a guy (or girl) in a bar, take them home for sex, then never see them again. My two boyfriends are the only sexual partners I’ve ever had. I’m terrified of diseases even though I use condoms (I don’t want to make out with someone and end up with cold sores for the rest of my life. I’m scared someone will hurt or kill me or make a blackmail video.I don’t sleep around, and I don’t want to be someone who does. But I’m in constant pain, and not just physically but emotionally too. I’m so lonely, and I want to feel good for a little while.For goodness’ sake I haven’t had sex in four years, one month, and one day! I thought I was good at hiding my depression until someone said my pain is written all over my face, which made me even more self-conscious. of me into some Spanx and a dress, but I can’t make myself attractive, and I don’t know if someone will be interested in me.People judge me when I tell them I can’t work, and they pity me when I tell them I’m a chronic pain sufferer, neither of which I can stand.


Anyway, in a couple weeks I’ll be going to an event in another state, and it will be attended by people from all over the country.

Thanks a number of factors there are millions of Filipinas working in almost every country on earth.


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