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Finally, German language digital upstarts are rare beasts in the upper echelons.

By far the most successful is satirical site , an independent site that runs content in the vein of the Onion.

The second was an ), and have grown with a very small team (11 as of 12 months ago).

Their most shared story of last month: the news that Facebook would be , while Mark Zuckerberg took parental leave.

We last looked at the German picture one year before, in is out in front, with over 2.3 million engagements on their December content.

It doesn’t appear to be a once-off – their numbers were even greater in November.

Taking a closer look, there might be a simple explanation.

Arriving on the site’s , readers are greeted with a pop-up that encourages a share to read the full piece, or to become a fan of Focus on Facebook.

This being Germany, it’s particularly interesting to look at the positioning of various Axel Springer titles.


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