Game theory of dating

Its founder, Ayal Belling, says that he wanted to depart from the superficial cutesiness of other dating apps starting with the name. In fairness, you notice something different about Predict as soon as a profile appears. Gone is the photo card that encourages you to deliver a verdict without ever seeing what the person might have written. They’ve just added a third option to the usual yes or no of swipe-style dating which, they say, makes people more honest about whether they’re after a casual or more serious relationship. Pretty much only use the middle button (stereotypical man, remember).

That he wanted it to be fun, but by serving up awesome dates rather than just a sequence of cheesy photos that don’t give you the faintest idea of a person. Belling says that this emphasis on words makes people more inclined to write, giving you more to go on. Now, on each profile, you choose whether you would consider the person you’re looking at for casual, short-term or non-monogamous dating (middle button) or for longer-term, monogamous dating (right-hand button). The clever bit is that you might only match So why, you may ask, has an anti-superficial dating app just added an option that sounds like the hetero answer to Grindr? Answer: he suspects there’s a better than even chance she’s used the right-hand button on him (if she likes him at all) and he knows they might not match if they use different buttons. Always lie and just use the right one because that’s the button he thinks use.

That people haven’t always misrepresented their intentions to get to sleep with you.It is possible to match when you use one is used makes people less concerned about the social taboo of using the saucier button.


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