George lopez constance marie dating

Olly and Gabrielo go into damage control mode, and encourage George to stem the tide of negative social media comments by letting the grounds in front of his house die and go brown.Thinking his neighbors will like him more if he has a get-together, Sheila convinces George to throw a big party in his house.He also struggles to adjust to being a celebrity in a world where social media is his worst enemy.The first season finds George working with new manager Olly, who helps him pursue a residency show in Las Vegas.Olly thinks it will be good publicity for George to be the target at a comedy roast, and numerous celebrities start lining up for a chance to take potshots at him.


George learns that Tiddlypie filled in for his first night while he was delayed in the desert.

He meets a woman named Sheila at a dog adoption center who seems to fit the bill, as she does not recognize him.

George then gets frustrated when he tells Sheila he is a comedian but she equates "comedian" with "unemployed".

TV Land gave a 12-episode straight-to-series order in August 2015.

The series follows a semi-fictionalized version of George Lopez and his day-to-day life, as he balances being a stand-up comedian while dealing with interpersonal relationships and trying to stay true to his roots in the Latino community.

The last straw is when the school baseball team wins a championship, and the manager asks George to buy expensive championship rings for the players and anyone else associated with the team.


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