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Your followers will be notified that you’ve published a new list if this is the first time you’ve made it public.

Due to a limitation in one of our frameworks, the editing page for a list is only able to support 3,300 items.

Marking a film as ‘watched’ (using the ‘eye’ icon on the film’s poster, or from the Actions panel on its page) tells Letterboxd you’ve seen the film at some point in the past.

It’s the best way to back-fill films on the site, without having to recall exactly when you watched them.

Letterboxd is named for our love of the widescreen format, and has nothing whatsoever to do with orienteering or that thing in . The easiest interaction is to mark films you’ve seen using the ‘eye’ icon on each poster.

You can rate films and perform other actions from the Actions menu on the poster as well.

Your review will show in your friends’ activity as soon as you save it (if this is the first time you’ve added it), even if they already saw activity when you first logged the film. We don’t offer payment for reviews, but we’re very happy for our members to build their own paying audience via services such as Patreon or Drip.

Letterboxd supports a limited set of HTML tags for formatting and linking to other content. When logging diary entries for films you watched more than two weeks in the past, we show your followers a maximum of one item per hour, to prevent this activity from saturating their feeds.


Our apps use a different process for editing lists and are not subject to this limitation.Adding films in this manner builds up your Diary (a record of when you saw each film) and the Recently Watched section of your Profile page. Ratings attached to previous diary entries or reviews are not updated.Many members keep an up-to-date Diary only from the time they join the site. You can “like” a film any time to show you enjoyed it, which builds up your Profile and Likes pages, or rate films via the Actions menu on any poster to give your friends a better idea of how much you loved (or hated) it, and they’ll see this on your Ratings page. This allows your rating to change over time, should you log or review a film multiple times, rather than enforcing a single rating for a film for all time.We’ve been described as “like Good Reads for movies”.

Pro members get detailed all-time and annual stats in the form of personalized Year in Review and Year in Progress pages, are able to clone other members’ lists, filter activity, filter lists (and other views) by what’s available on several popular streaming services, and more. Read about why we made Letterboxd and follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.Wikipedia defines letterboxing as the practice of transferring film shot in a widescreen aspect ratio to standard-width video formats while preserving the original aspect ratio. Some features are only available by upgrading to a Pro or Patron account.


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