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When you talk to a woman you’re interested in, always seek physical contact.Start with a handshake, or high five, or an elbow touch.

You may find out pretty quickly that she’s not into you when she starts pulling away from your hands.

There’s one crucial mistake all rookies make, including myself, that a lot of these lists don’t tell you about. If you put your hands on her shoulder, don’t look at the hand on her shoulder.

It’ll draw undue attention there and make things weird. I personally have a specific rhythm I like to follow where I talk, touch while looking away, then release the touch and keep talking.

As a result, I missed out on many opportunities with women. Thus I learned through many failures that it’s worth reaching out and touching, and I’m confident you can too.


I would talk her ear off, while she desperately hoped for a kiss. Also, anytime you worry about touching, think about all those douchebags you see at the clubs that randomly grind up on girls, and end up taking one home. I’m not saying become Mr Douchebag, because he’s kind of greasy, but he succeeds where we fail, right?

If that happens, don’t waste any time, just move on and talk to someone else.


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