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The phone calls between president Donald Trump and Sean Hannity come early in the morning or late at night, after the Fox News host goes off-air.They discuss ideas for Hannity’s show, Mr Trump’s frustration with the ongoing special counsel probe and even, at times, what the president should tweet, according to people familiar with the conversations.For a president who feels, intensely, that he is under siege, Hannity offers what he prizes: loyalty and a mass audience.And Mr Trump, in turn, has directed his supporters to Hannity’s show – urging people on Twitter last week to watch the commentator attack special counsel Robert Mueller, who heads the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.On air, Hannity has accused Rosenstein of launching a “war” on Mr Trump and called Mr Mueller part of “deep state crime” family.“Sometimes, Hannity gets him fired up,” the adviser said.“He rated very high,” this person said of Mr Trump’s appearances on the show.Mr Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, was also a guest on Hannity’s programme.

The revelation this week that the two men share an attorney is just the latest sign of how Hannity is intertwined with Mr Trump’s world – an increasingly powerful confidant who offers the media-driven president a sympathetic ear and shared grievances.Hannity’s relationship with attorney Jay Sekulow played a part in Mr Sekulow signing on to Mr Trump’s legal team on the Russia investigation, they said, adding that Hannity’s work with lawyers Victoria Toensing and her husband, Joseph di Genova, also contributed to the pair being considered to come aboard, although they did not ultimately do so.Hannity long urged Bill Shine – who was Fox News’s co-president and had been Hannity’s first producer at Fox News but resigned last year – to join the Trump administration and has spoken highly of Mr Shine to White House advisers.from President Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen, also retained the services of two other Trump-connected lawyers, according to The Atlantic.


The magazine reported on Tuesday that an Oklahoma radio station, KFAQ, received a cease-and-desist letter from Jay Sekulow and Victoria Toensing in May 2017.The frequency of Hannity’s contact with Mr Trump means that “he basically has a desk in the place,” one presidential adviser said.



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