Hayley tamaddon and daniel whiston dating

He had some slightly messy transitions between the flying and the returning to the ice but I really liked watching this routine.Jason was slightly derogatory about the skate again, but nothing new there!


The music was great but as he was concentrating so much on the wires I felt that he didn’t perform to it, rather it was just some noise in the background!Ray Quinn was crowned the winner of the final ever series of ITV's Dancing on Ice with professional skating partner Maria Filippov last night (March 9).The 25-year-old star beat Coronation Street's Hayley Tamaddon and her skating partner Dan Whiston to win the All-Stars trophy, while gymnast Beth Tweddle ranked in third place.With only two couples allowed to skate Bolero they had to be extremely good in their routines.


So with expectations of an exciting final show to the competition the first couple took to the ice!Kieron’s skating has really improved over the course of the series with him being more confident skating alone without the help of Brianne.



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