Ian harding and lucy hale dating in real life

It's time for the Fields House for Wayward Girls to close its doors.Here's hoping Paily makes it through its more heinous obstacles. Marlene King's tweets, you tend to notice something off.But she also seems to have the same hangups about Alison (turns out rightfully so — see below). to get busy with the women who threaten her livelihood most.She's also kind of a creeper, looking at people through windows and finding herself in awkward situations with the police so she could give Emily some paperwork (why does Paige have it? Off and on throughout the series, Paige has been a suspect, and it seems like the show is ramping up that effort again. On the other hand, it would be nice for Emily to have a stable, not suspicious significant other for a change.

VIDEO: Troian Bellisario reveals what Spencer's "happy ending" would be on EZRIAWith the five-year jump, the institutional quagmire Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria (Lucy Hale) seemed to blissfully ignore was removed and all that was left was a woman on the crest of success who was still in love with a sad sack townie.

Caleb seemed pretty upset about her cold fry habit.



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