Instructions for updating ms0717

Chair Disney presided; Commissioners Clarke and Olson were present.

Also present were Jeannine Haag, Assistant County Attorney, and Neil Gluckman, Assistant County Manager. Hass updated the Board on welfare reform; he suggested that a meeting be scheduled with Kathy Snell, Director Community Services, to discuss the following two issues: 1) Memorandum of Understanding with the State; and 2) The transition from the merit system to the County's internal personnel system; he noted that the conversion will be July 1, 1998.



in regular session with George Hass, County Attorney.

Reword Strategy LU-10-s2 to read: Building envelopes shall not occur in wetlands and natural hazard areas.

Natural hazard areas include all slopes greater than 30%, geologic hazard areas classed categories 5, 6, or 7 in mapping available in the Planning Division and 100-year flood plains.

This project will require assistance from outside experts." Item 10b, reword to read "Develop Phase II of an Environmental protection System focusing on identifying and developing appropriate protection strategies for archaeological, cultural and aesthetic resources, including ridge lines." Item 10c: delete, as it is now included in Item 10a. Add Item 23, to read: "Larimer County will participate in the proposed study of the costs and benefits of growth, to be coordinated by the Northern Colorado Regional Cities and Counties." Add Item 24 to read: "Larimer County will continue to be an active participant in regional planning organizations dealing with land use, open space protection, transportation and air and water quality." Under discussion of the motion, Commissioner Clarke reviewed some of the things that have occurred since work began on the Partnership Land Use System (PLUS); he presented a two-foot stack of documents, which included existing regulations, codes, plans, reports from the four Symposia that were held, written reports, hundreds of comments from citizens, etc., and he noted that each and everyone of those comments have been addressed.

Commissioner Olson expressed appreciation to everyone who was involved in this process.The fees collected shall be the current fees at the time of building permit application; b) The Berthoud Fire Prevention Bureau requests that a fire hydrant be located within 500' of any residential structure, 15' from the curb, with no obstructions within 3'.


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