Interracial dating and marriages with indians dating your wife while separated


As conclusões demonstram preconceito social no casamento inter-racial.

O artigo defende que as divisões sociais assentes na etnicidade têm de ser acrescentadas à explicação da descolonização e independência.

However, did this predominant official discourse reflect the truth?

Can we believe in this perspective for the Portuguese colonial empire in the period after the Second World War?

The paper supports the belief that social divisions based on ethnicity must be included as part of the explanation for decolonization and independence.


Even considering that local conditions might be different, the official ideology always stressed that, although they might differ, there were no superior or inferior cultures.The aim of this paper is to test the accuracy of the language used in official political speeches during these decades, by observing how different kinds of local cultural cleavages led to different social experiences of marriage in the various territories.As far as culture, education and ethnicity are concerned, interracial marriage and miscegenation were two important aspects to be observed in Portuguese colonial territories.The paper presents both the institutional background and the government philosophy regarding equality and non-prejudice within all of the territories under Portuguese sovereignty in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as tests carried out to discover if the decision to marry and racial homogamy could be considered independent variables, using annual data from statistical yearbooks relating to the colonies.

The conclusions demonstrate the existence of a social prejudice towards inter-racial marriage.

(…) Historically and currently, the Portuguese nation is, as a consequence, a mosaic of multi-continental, multi-racial populations with religious diversity”.


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