Intimidating xbox live gamertags

The act of coaxing a member from another clan or community, including a fellow member of XGN, for recruitment purposes is strictly prohibited.NOTE: offerings and/or promises for membership participation is considered (Profit to stay) and is also strictly prohibited.This includes but is not limited to, Hacking or “illegal console modding” of any kind.11.) XGN members are not permitted to be a part of any other clan, community clubs, or gaming organization while in XGN.A gamer with another Clan tag in his/her gamer tag/name cannot be recruited into XGN without removal of it first.


If this occurs, you have 24 hours to replace this in order to come back as if nothing happened.This may be including reimbursement of any or all fees legal or otherwise.14.) Members should attend a minimum of 2 meetings, and 2 squad game night/workshops/sit-ins, or activity night per month. If the member cannot attend, please inform your squad leaders.


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    an affectionate lady who wishes 2 meet on a regular basis !!!

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    I’ll post a comment for each group, and then please reply to that with your thoughts.

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    , which, I believe, is the same movie where Ryan had to bleach the hell out of his hair. I posted an article on August 19 that included photos of Ryan Gosling on set with Eva Mendes, positing that they seemed so hot together, I’d totally be down if they hooked up.

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