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But Domenick and Chelsea were looking to the upcoming individual game, and decided to betray the “Naviti strong” principle (which I’m sure made Kellyn Bechtold have an Obi-Wan/Alderaan moment) by barring Bradley.

Of course, another reason why he may have wanted to keep the Malolo connection alive was to weaponize them against Chris when the merge hit finally.

This candor set him off on a bit of a wrong foot with the rest of Naviti, as they saw it a sign he was coming on too strong.

Luckily, Wendell formed a quick connection with him, and he was the one to tip him off to Chris and his fellow Floridian Sebastian Noel targeting him.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

remember she is the ex of the guy who was accused of molesting Tori Nonaki when she was on team glock.

In exchange, he stayed with Donathan and Libby Vincek, while welcoming Chelsea Townsend and Bradley Kleihege back into the fold.

And so it came down to arguably the most crucial ballot in the show’s history, as third-placer Laurel Johnson became the kingmaker and chose to give the title to Wendell, leaving the gambler cashing out in second place.

But it ultimately got demolished when his attitude deterred some of the jury, putting him on the losing end of Survivor's first-ever tied jury vote.

, and that’s not just speaking from an environmental perspective.

Domenick’s foundation building started on shaky ground.


After temporarily elected leader Chris Noble had pulled the plug on the first Reward Challenge to guarantee a fishing kit for the tribe, his “truth-telling skills” overpowered his filter, and he vocalized on his mat the disagreement with the decision.

You could always think of it as you "Married Up"... All Kinding Aside, it seems pretty clear where she is on the HOT x CRAZY Matrix... She is most likely the highest paid female shooter.


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