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I've read various descriptions of 'bipolar spectrum disorders', and I fit some of them very closely, but I don't have mania, hypomania, or euphoria of any kind :-)(well--I sort of do. If you can answer these two questions for me, I think it might help me figure out what to do next: *With most antidepressants, plus Geodon, and Lamictal (which gave me a rash), I've had an initial feeling of 'activation' (that's what doctors call it, I think).

I've read that activation can be a 'sign' of bipolar spectrum disorder, but am *sure* sure I heard somewhere that antidepressants are *expected* to cause activation initially. **I had a period of time sixteen years ago during which I was horribly depressed, I was climbing the walls, and I was afraid to seek treatment.

So, I think you could say there are 3 reasons to try treating you as though you have bipolar disorder: the "it's time for a new strategy" reason; the poop-out reason; and the recurrent unipolar reason above -- all even if you never had a symptom of hypomania at all.

Then, figure in the fact that in many patients the hypomania can be extremely brief compared to the depression (39 to one in one recent study by Dr.



The manufacturer's product labeling should always be consulted for a list of side effects most frequently appearing in patients during clinical studies.

some patients are very good at being able to tell the difference, in my experience, i.e.


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