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Feeling he owed a debt to Rogers and Maximoff which he intended to repay, Hawkeye then joined in the Clash of the Avengers, fighting against Iron Man who was in support of the Accords. As they sat around and drank, Barton voiced disbelief that Mjølnir could only be lifted by Thor; Thor then challenged Barton to lift his hammer, where everyone joked at him about lifting it. Despite living happily within retirement for a brief time, Barton was recruited by Captain America to aid him during his fight against the newly produced Sokovia Accords, which had forced Rogers that protect his friend Bucky Barnes from being arrested for a crime he did not commit. Before long all of the guests had departed leaving only the Avengers. Barton then claimed a vantage point suspended from a crane and watched from above as Thor knocked out more and more guards. Airbase in Roswell to oversee the transport of the Destroyer to the S. Barton knocked out one of agents and gained access into the room where he began the download. This ultimately ended the test, as Fury stepped in the address and review the S. As the battle became more intense, The Avengers found themselves starting to become overpowered by Loki's forces. Hawkeye joined the other Avengers in an assault against Baron Wolfgang von Strucker's HYDRA base. Coulson ordered Barton to be their eyes up high and to use a gun, but as Barton went to retrieve a rifle, he instead collected a compound bow. A masked Barton swam through to the helicarrier and breached through the bilge pump where he was able to infiltrate his way to the archive room. The smile disappeared when the arrow exploded in Loki's face and caused him to fall from the sky and crash land on Stark Tower, where he was promptly attacked by the Hulk who beat the god into submission. During the Battle of Sudan, Hawkeye fired an explosive arrow at Doctor Jensen that defeated her assault and raised Barton's confidence in himself and his place among the others.Mad Men actor Jon Hamm is thought to be dating Peaky Blinders star Annabelle Wallis, after the couple were spotted looking ‘loved up’.Jon and Annabelle were reportedly spotted sharing an evening together in London as they attended a performance of smash-hit musical Hamilton on Thursday.

Barton then asked about the location of the alien that the object belongs to, for which they about to find out. Barton commented into the radio that he was starting to root for him, implying a level of self-given autonomy. Coulson ordered any soldier able to fight to go after the Destroyer. As the fight went on, the file continued, displaying Fury's evaluation on the next two candidates, Iron Man and Thor. Hawkeye then saw an incoming horde of Chitauri crafts heading in his direction. However, he refused to let this concept slow down his training or cause him to leave the team. Hawkeye destroyed a HYDRA bunker with an explosive arrow and stated that they had lost the element of surprise.

In 1998, a young Russian assassin codenamed Black Widow, started to appear on S. While Loki was in chains, Romanoff whispered something in Barton's ear about Loki's punishment, causing Barton to grin. Tony brought Barton a drink and Barton joked that he was now made of plastic but made a full recovery.


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