Jewish sex chats

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Newsweek named Rav Shmuly one of the top 50 rabbis in America and the Forward named him one of the 50 most influential Jews.

And what’s more, he is esteemed as one of the notables of the empire.

All the more so am I required to scrub and wash myself – I, who have been created in God’s image and likeness, as is written, ‘In the image of God He made man’! 9:6]” This represents the anomalous notion that humans resemble G-d in some physical way (not in an intellectual or spiritual manner) and thus we must embrace the sanctity of the body.


This chart brings you all the different adult live entertainment solutions divided by categories.

Sex is a normal human activity and the Torah seeks to elevate this human encounter to make it sacred. ” Kahana replied: This too is Torah, and I must learn!

It is to be learned and discussed as it is part of Torah. This Talmudic episode (while taken to an extreme) demonstrates the importance of parents and teachers talking with their children and students about sex and sexuality: “This too is Torah!

In addition, it is difficult to determine how many women are raped in the United States annually, as the majority are not reported.


Estimates range from 300,000 (reported) to about 1.3 million (based on surveys indicating that 1 in 5 women have been raped).We neglected physical health and strength; we forgot that we have holy flesh no less than holy spirit…


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    They know you would like nothing better than to get in on the act and hear them pleasuring themselves.

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