Katy perry and russell brand dating

She once said of her ex-husband: "He hasn't spoken to me since he texted me saying he was filing for divorce." Russell broke his silence on their failed union this week in an interview with fellow comedian John Bishop.

He also blamed their marriage split in 2011 on their combined fame, careers and hectic schedules.

, some of her antics as a guest judge on the original series have re-emerged … She was particularly nasty to judge Kara Dio Guardi in 2010, at one point even threatening to throw her Coke in the songwriter's face.

For what it's worth: Perry denied the feud, chalking it up to "clever editing." hit shelves on June 9, 2017, she grew quite contrite, but still managed to eke out excuses for her behavior.



At the time of the kiss, Perry didn’t know this would someday (in the very near future) be her husband, but she did admit that was when she started falling for him.

When she came back for the VMA’s in 2009 newly single, she and Brand began a more flirtatious relationship.



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