Kostenlos dating berlin

This private art gallery, built into a former Berlin bunker, is not just a cultural space – it’s truly an experience.

On two floors, visitors will be immersed in a sensual experience of Asian art, but also delighted with a very erotic collection of contemporary pieces.

If you’re new around here, find your nearest ping pong table on this nifty little map.

If you really want to impress your date, and/or don’t feel like talking too much, take them out on the weekend to the amazing Feuerle Collection.

There is an air-hockey table, and we all know that Air-hockey is If Arcades are not your thing and you’re just too lazy to actually do something sportive, I recommend a game of ping pong.

There are so many public tables around the city that you’ll be spoiled for choices.

The Pfaueninsel in the West of Berlin is destined to be a romantic stop for a picnic.

Unfortunately, arcades have become a nostalgic thing of the past. If your date is also a 90’s kid, take them to the bowling place on Hermannplatz.

But still, there are a few things that I’d consider a good date in Berlin – so here’s how you get laid on your next Tinder encounter.

The Ka De We, the most luxurious warehouse of Berlin, is a maze.

It’s easy to get lost in the abundance of hyper-expensive consumer products if you don’t know the place.


I am especially fascinated with the top floor – the grocery store – which is a very well-stocked paradise for people who hate German supermarkets (a A fun date idea is to set a limit (something like 10 Euro) and ask your date to find the most interesting product in the grocery store.The last time I went, I found a pickle in a can (when they were still a novelty), it costs something like 5 bucks. But I still bought it for my SO because I’m , that goes on the Spree.



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