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( ladyboy guide ) ; Kings Castle 3; Patpong road, left-hand side halfway up the road, coming from the Silom road entrance.

Another Bangkok institution which has been there for years, this place still has the most attractive ladyboys in all of Thailand, probably in the whole world.

Great place and very fun, even if you don't meet ladyboys here you will have a good time; Thursdays through Saturday, 8PM till 1AM.( ladyboy guide ) , Soi 6 Ratchada; Huge Disco, mostly genetic females in this place with the occassional thai ladyboy mixed in, usually in groups with their friends having fun and dancing, but can be picked up.

Same as at Soi Cee, these girls are sometimes "nice girls", the kind that work in Cabaret's or go to university and don't work in the bars, although you will see a few of those also.

This is a Nana Plaza institution and is the 2nd-longest ladyboy running bar right after Casanova.

Great place; every night over 30 girls come out on to the small stage and some are very very hot indeed.

Some of the most beautiful people of any gender that you could ever see work in here.( ladyboy guide ) ; 2nd Floor, Nana Plaza, located next to the Fantasia bar. This is a long and slim bar which has a bit of a claustrophobic feel to it; you will feel as though you are "right on top" of the dancers, literally!Every night you can find between 20 and 30 shemales in this place; bar fine is 500 baht and they have short time rooms on the 3rd floor for 300 baht for 2 hours. An institution in Bangkok ladyboy circles and a must-see on everyones trip agenda.


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